BEHRINGER BA 85A Dynamic Super Cardioid Microphone

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IDR 375,000.00
BEHRINGER BA 85A Dynamic Super Cardioid Microphone 0 0
The BA 85A Super Cardioid dynamic microphone is a performer’s and home recording enthusiast’s dream come true! This professional-quality microphone is designed to capture your sounds with outstanding sensitivity and accuracy. With a Super Cardioid pickup pattern for excellent sound source separation and feedback rejection, this ultra-wide frequency response mics is an excellent choice for any performing or recording scenario – and it’s rugged enough to go the distance! With an integrated shock mount system and spherical wind and pop noise filter and coming packaged with a mic stand adapter and an impact-resistant carrying case, the BA 85A is the only microphone you will ever need.

Product Features
  • Dynamic super cardioid microphone with shaped frequency response ideal for close-up vocals

  • Ultra-wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent sound

  • Extremely high signal output lets your voice cut through

  • Super Cardioid characteristic provides maximum isolation from other sound sources

  • Integrated wind and pop noise filter

  • Shock mount system to cut down handling noise

  • 3-pin XLR connector for highest signal integrity

  • Microphone stand adapter and impact-resistant carrying case included