BEHRINGER HA-40R 40-Watt Guitar Combo with 2 Independent Channels

IDR 2,520,000.00
BEHRINGER HA-40R 40-Watt Guitar Combo with 2 Independent Channels 1 1
Whether you’re just getting started on electric guitar, or you’ve been playing for years, the light-weight HA-40R is the ideal choice for the discerning, tone conscious guitarist, looking for a portable 40-Watt guitar combo – with a very affordable price tag. Although small in size, the HA-40R delivers huge performance and represents excellent value for money, offering a powerful 40-Watt solid state solution for home use, recording and live gigs.

Product Features
  • Powerful 40-Watt solid-state guitar amplifier, ideal for practice, gigs and home recording

  • 2 full-featured channels offering everything you need from sparkling cleans to super-fat high-gain overdrive

  • Revolutionary VTC (Virtual Tube Circuit) technology reproduces real tube-like tone, touch and feel

  • Powerful 3-band EQ with bass, middle and treble provides unbridled tone shaping for dialing in any sound you need

  • Clean channel with independent level control ranges from pristine sparkle to fat warmth, perfect for recapturing vintage tones, modern cleans or use as a pedal platform solution

  • Overdrive channel with independent gain and level controls ranges from vintage drive to modern high-gain saturation, ideal for lead, rock and metal tones

  • Footswitch input for remote channel switching during live performance

  • Real spring reverb with adjustable level control

  • Custom 10" Bugera speaker with vintage voicing for classic sound reproduction

  • Headphone output with integrated speaker simulation for perfect practice sessions without disturbing the neighbors

  • Auxiliary input for music playback from external devices to jam along with your favorite music

  • Dedicated line out with integrated speaker simulation for connecting direct to a PA or recording interface

  • 8 Ohm speaker output for connecting to external guitar cabinets