Behringer MS2050-L Professional Microphone Boom Stand

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IDR 360,000.00
Behringer MS2050-L Professional Microphone Boom Stand 0 0

A professional, reliable and portable tripod microphone stand with a telescopic boom arm. Whether you're performing at a live venue or recording in a studio, this is the right stand for your whole setup.

Tripod Base: height adjustment from 3.3 ft (102 cm) up to 5.1 ft (158 cm).
Boom Arm: 2.3 ft (70 cm).

Product Features :

  • Premium universal microphone stand with up to 2 microphone mounts

  • Perfect for live performances, studios, speech and presentations

  • Reinforced metal base for a sturdy and rock-solid tripod stability

  • 2.3 ft (70 cm) long-reach boom arm for precise microphone positioning

  • Convenient height adjustment from 3 ft (90 cm) up to 6.8 ft (210 cm) of elevation

  • Foldable and lightweight steel tubing for easy transport and storage