BEHRINGER TO800 Vintage Tube-Sound Overdrive Effects Pedal

Persediaan Habis
IDR 445,000.00
BEHRINGER TO800 Vintage Tube-Sound Overdrive Effects Pedal 0 0
What's bright green and goes from 1 to 11 as fast as you can step on the “On” switch? It’s the very essence of rock ‘n’ roll, our screaming-hot VINTAGE TUBE OVERDRIVE TO800 effects pedal! The classic sound of blazing, overdriven vacuum tubes never goes out of style, and they’re at your command – when you have the VINTAGE TUBE OVERDRIVE TO800 in your effects chain.

Product Features
  • Get vintage overdrive, smooth sustain and screaming fat tone

  • Uses original 4558 IC plus MA150 distortion diodes for authentic vintage sound

  • Captures every nuance of your playing from smooth overdrive to screaming tube sounds

  • Dedicated Drive, Tone and Level controls for awesome sound shaping

  • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check

  • Runs on 9 V battery or the Behringer PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)

  • First-class electronic On/Off switch for noise-free operation