BESPECO HDJJ300 HD Jack to Jack 3m Cable

IDR 100,000.00
BESPECO HDJJ300 HD Jack to Jack 3m Cable 1 1
SILOS HD Series - low capacitance cables
BESPECO HDJJ300 High Definition Jack to Jack 3m Cable
-99% pure Oxigen Free Copper (OFC), totally noiseless thanks to an internal semi-conductive PVC jacket
-Audio signal cable with spiral > 94% coverage shield
-Low capacitance: 85 pF/m It grants a clean and bright sound that is accurate to its source and high mechanical strenght while having a soft cable
-Extremely sturdy: PVC and vulcanised silicone external coating for a maximum flexibility and a long durability
-Resin injection to protect internal connections for an eternal duration
-Vanguard catchy design
-Hybrid connectors: mix between die-cast plastic body and chrome metal body for an exceptional robustness
-Velcro strips and space-saving catchy packaging for shops

Instrument cable - Ø 6,3 mm jack - Ø 6,3 mm jack
Cable length (m): 3