BUGERA 12AU7 Premium and Hand-Selected Dual Triode

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IDR 170,000.00
BUGERA 12AU7 Premium and Hand-Selected Dual Triode 0 0
Bugera premium-grade 12AU7 tubes are hand-selected for their expressive tonal range, reliability and ultra-low noise operation – and are highly recommended for all guitar, bass and other audio tube amplifier applications.

Glorious Tone and Dependability

Our 12AU7 high-end preamp tube features ultra-low audio and microphonic noise, and provides the maximum level of gain and overall tonal quality. The 12AU7 is a classic preamp tube found in many vintage and current amps, specifically in phase-splitter or driver stages. The Bugera 12AU7 provides high levels of gain and low output impedance, with superior reliability and consistency and also features an extremely open and expressive tonal spectrum, with a balanced and smooth frequency response. It is simply one of the best 12AU7 tubes ever produced.