BUGERA 333XL INFINIUM 120-Watt 3-Channel Tube Amplifier Head with Reverb

IDR 9,660,000.00
BUGERA 333XL INFINIUM 120-Watt 3-Channel Tube Amplifier Head with Reverb 1 1
The 333XL INFINIUM is a cutting edge, modern-style tube guitar amp designed for use in any situation or genre – the harder the better. The name says it all 3 - 3 - 3; three fully independent channels for three fully independent gain structures and tone stacks.

Product Features
  • Hand-built and hand-wired 120-Watt Class A/B amplifier driven by 4 x EL34 tubes (now fully compatible with 6L6 and 5881, etc.)

  • Modern 3-channel preamp design (Clean, Crunch, Lead) featuring 4 x 12AX7 tubes for boutique clean and face-melting hi-gain tone

  • Integrated high-class reverb is assignable per channel and has a dedicated Reverb control

  • Revolutionary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology:- Extends the life of your amplifier's expensive power tubes up to 20 times.- Provides incredible reliability and consistent tone over the complete lifespan of your tubes - No need for expensive matched tube sets- Allows you to mix and match any combination of compatible tube types and brands - Monitors performance of each power tube continuously and displays defective tubes to allow for easy and individual replacement

  • XL switches on the Lead and Crunch channels for killer low end control

  • Adjustable Noise Gate available on Lead channel

  • Fully independent Equalizer sections for each channel with dedicated Bass, Mid and Treble control

  • Classic Presence control for efficient midrange sound shaping

  • Remote controlled FX Loop with adjustable Send and Return level also serves as Boost function

  • Heavy-duty footswitch for Channel selection and FX Loop/Boost function included

  • Line output with dedicated Level control

  • Impedance switch (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any speaker cabinet