KLARK TEKNIK DN32-LIVE SD/SDHC and USB 2.0 Expansion Module for 32 Bidirectional Channels

IDR 6,170,000.00
KLARK TEKNIK DN32-LIVE SD/SDHC and USB 2.0 Expansion Module for 32 Bidirectional Channels 1 1
The DN32-LIVE SD/SDHC and USB 2.0 Expansion Module for MIDAS M32 and BEHRINGER X32 mixers provides 32-channel bi-directional audio I/O via USB 2.0 for both live performance and studio recording, plus comprehensive remote operation of your DAW via HUI/Mackie Control emulation. The addition of dual SD/SDHC slots allows fully independent recording and playback of up to 32 channels of uncompressed WAV files in consistent sessions – up to the maximum capacity of the SD cards. Now, without the need for a laptop computer, you can capture multi-channel live or session tracks, perform virtual sound checks, add in backing-tracks, set and manipulate accurate markers, and enjoy full remote operation via PC, Android* or iPad* apps, and X-TOUCH control surfaces. All of this barely begins to scratch the surface of what DN32-LIVE can bring to your M32/X32 console.

Product Features
  • USB 2.0 expansion module for Midas and Behringer digital consoles

  • 32-channel live recording and playback on dual SD/SDHC cards

  • Up to 3 hours of 48 kHz/32-bit PCM recording of 32 channels in one session, stored as uncompressed WAV files

  • Up to 32 bidirectional channels @ 48 kHz of recording and playback

  • Independent operation of SD cards and USB recording / playback

  • Remote control via PC, Android* or iPad* apps, assignable controls or compatible hardware control surfaces, such as the Behringer X-TOUCH

  • Dual SD card slots to keep virtual sound check and live performance files separately available or for extended recording time

  • Sample-accurate automatic spanning feature allows extending a session across both SD cards for more than 12 hours of 8-track recording time non-stop

  • Instantaneous live playback with preload and markers in the console UI and remote apps

  • Markers can be set on the fly for identifying song positions while recording or playing back

  • All markers can be edited directly in the console GUI

  • Seamless computer integration for virtual sound checks and software plug-ins

  • Channel routing can be stored and automated for record/playback

  • Secure file handling in the event of power blackout (optional CR123A Lithium cell required)

  • Enables remote control of compatible DAW software via emulations of Mackie Control* and HUI* protocols

  • Compatible with CoreAudio on Mac OSX* - ultra-low latency ASIO* drivers for Windows* PC available