LAB GRUPPEN PDX3000 3,000 Watt, Two Channel Amplifier with DSP Control

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IDR 15,637,500.00
LAB GRUPPEN PDX3000 3,000 Watt, Two Channel Amplifier with DSP Control 0 0
The PDX3000 is a two-channel amplifier with DSP Control and delivers 2 X 1500W of power for entry/mid-level live sound applications. PDX Series amplifiers employ our unique IDEEA Class D output stage that is ideally matched to the rated power output. To provide flexibility, each channel offers sufficient voltage swing and current capacity to drive loads in any impedance without any additional configuration. In order to have low thermal losses as well as a high voltage swing, the design is based on a permanently bridged output.

  • Two channel amplifier delivering 2 x 1,500 Watts

  • Full DSP feature set for speaker processing

  • Proven and reliable Class-D amplifier stage

  • Highly efficient Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

  • Comprehensive configuration and monitoring software through USB connection

  • Intuitive front panel user interface for easy setup and monitoring

  • Precise power management guarantees performance and efficiency

  • Comprehensive circuit protection against short circuits, DC and thermal overload

  • User configurable gain, delay, crossover, EQ, limiter and dynamic EQ

  • Speaker Protect Limiter for maximum level output and reliable driver protection

  • Pre-configured crossover settings for speaker configuration

  • Balanced XLR and TRS input connectors with optimised sensitivities

  • Professional speakON* output connectors

  • Front panel locking functionality for ultimate security

  • Efficient cooling with temperature-controlled fan

  • Rugged and lightweight rack mount chassis for maximum durability