Mark MK 5 S Microphones Set

IDR 4,016,000.00
Mark MK 5 S Microphones Set 1 1

MK 5 S is a special drum kit microphones. It consists of a proper selection of microphones and anchor systems designed to provide a complete set of microphones for recording and performance with drums. MK 5 S comes in a metal case with foam protection inside and includes:

1 MK 51 Bass drum.
2 MK 52 for TOM.
2 MK 53 for trebles and HI HAT (with windscreen).
Microphone holders and fixings for all microphones.

MK 51 is a dynamic microphone with a frequency response designed specifically for bass drums and others bass instruments. It has a good time attack and hit even with high sound pressure levels. It has a perfect bass key at ground level, and a low distortion and high dynamic. MK 51 features an integral fixing system for quick and easy assembly.

MK 52 is a dynamic high output microphone specially designed for Tenor-bass. It has a smooth tenor-bass tone and a wide frequency (can be used with mid / high frequencies), bi-dynamic and low distortion system. It can be used with TOMs or jazz drums, etc. MK 52 features an integral fixing system for quick and easy assembly.

MK 53 is a hypercardioid microphone for voice or musical instruments. With its brilliant sound, MK 53, is well suited for live sound reinforcement, recording and treble instruments or tenor like cymbals, etc.