Mcdyess AC-890

IDR 4,072,000.00
Mcdyess AC-890 1 1
Provide a multi-channel system using 2~4 UHF wireless series or other series of various automatic signal selection receivers, sharing a pair of antennas to simplify the antenna assembly process and improve the receiving distance and efficiency.

The design adopts high dynamic and low noise active components and active feedback voltage stabilization bias, with ultra-low internal distortion characteristics, and can be used in multiple channels at the same time to eliminate mixing interference.

The antenna input socket can be directly configured with various single pole antennas, coaxial antennas, extended antenna groups and logarithmic directional antenna groups within the applicable frequency band.

The antenna input socket has the power supply for the strong wave device, which can be directly connected to the extended antenna group with the antenna strong wave device and the logarithmic directional antenna group with the built-in strong wave device.

Four sets of power output: 12V/600~1000mA.

• Frequency range: 500-950MHz
• Input truncation point: +22dBm
• Noise ratio: 4.0dB Type (Center Band)
• Gain: +6-9dB (Center Band)
• Output impedance: 15dB min
• Impedance: 50Ω
• Bandwidth: 450MHz
• Socket: BNC female
• Power supply: 100-240V/50/60Hz
• Power consumption: 170mA