Meinl Cymbal B15MH Byzance Traditional 15" Medium Hihat

IDR 4,950,000.00 6,680,000.00
Meinl Cymbal B15MH Byzance Traditional 15" Medium Hihat 1 1
Traditional finish
Versatile and musical
Punchy attack with outstanding "chick" sound
Crisp definition
Hand hammered

Their hand hammered and lathed surfaces with warm sounds and selection of models may be rooted in tradition, but MEINL Byzance cymbals are the ultimate choice when it comes to modern versatility. Every Byzance model is hand hammered into shape by cymbal artisans in Turkey, giving each cymbal its own unique and colorful voice. The overall presence that MEINL Byzance delivers is dark, buttery warmth that flows around crisp definition. The Byzance traditional 15-inch medium hi hats have outstanding definition and attack with dark tones that give them an extremely sought after musical personality. Byzance hi hats deliver an unmatched "chick" sound when played closed along with a full bodied, dark sizzling crash when played loose or open.