Meinl Drum Stick SB139 Compact 13"

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IDR 150,000.00
Meinl Drum Stick SB139 Compact 13" 0 0
Scaling down length and diameter below what you typically see, our Compact Drumsticks are a great fit for drummers who prefer the balance and reach of a shorter stick around their drums and cymbals. These models also play well on e-drums where striking surfaces are smaller than an acoustic kit. Plus, their size makes them ideal for younger drummers and students. Our Compact Drumsticks are made from the same grade of durable American hickory as our standard size drumsticks.

The 13" Compact Drumstick has a diameter of 0.510" with a medium taper and an oval tip. This is the smallest stick in our catalog, but balance, feel and tone are still maintained on any surface. Made from American hickory for durability, a solid feel and outstanding response.


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Made in Germany