Meinl MB8-16CH-B 16 Inch China Cymbal

IDR 1,740,000.00 2,350,000.00
Meinl MB8-16CH-B 16 Inch China Cymbal 1 1
Meinl MB8 Series - Meinl B8 (8% tin, 92% copper) cymbals is a testament to meinl expertise in getting the best sound out of these alloy. MB8 Gives you clear, bright, cutting and explosive sounds, also, for a very good price

16" Mb8 China
Nice, wide spread with lots of highs, and a fundamental tone.

Styles: Metal, Rock, Pop, Studio
Timbre: Bright
Character: Explosive, Cutting
Pitch: High
Volume: High
Sustain: Medium
Weight: Thin
Finish: Brilliant
Material: B8
Lathe: Wide Blade