Meinl Percussion RM80B 8" Russ Miller Signature Cowbell

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Meinl Percussion RM80B 8" Russ Miller Signature Cowbell 1 1

Meinl Percussion RM80B Russ Miller Signature Adjustable 8-Inch Multi-Bell Cowbell

Russ Miller signature multi-bell: the "multi-bell" Cowbell was designed in collaboration with Meinl Artist, Russ Miller, in an effort to create a versatile Cowbell that can adapt to any situation
Adjustable interior dampening: located on the inside of the bell is an adjustable dampening mechanism. This allows players to change the amount of sustain with the simple turn of a knob
8" Large mouth, steel: this Cowbell produces a low pitch and its enlarged mouth allows it to project further. Perfect for recording or live performance settings
For drum set and percussion rigs: This Cowbell is perfect for rock and funk grooves or more involved Latin rhythms
Experiment with dampening: control the ring of your Cowbell with accessories like Meinl drum Honey gel dampeners (sold separately).