Meinl SB107 Hybrid 5B - American Hickory

IDR 128,000.00
Meinl SB107 Hybrid 5B - American Hickory 1 1

Designed for drummers playing in diverse bands and multiple situations with a wide range of musical styles and genres.

The unique tip starts as an acorn shape, which is trimmed down to the classic barrel size for a hybrid design that produces a dark and smooth articulation on cymbals. Additional length and long taper gives this stick a quick response with greater rebound for fast chops and deep grooves.

Overall, we think drummers need consistency in their sticks, which is why we developed a very narrow weight range and density for each model. Whenever you pick up your favorite pair,they will always feel the same.


  • Hybrid Tip
  • Medium/Medium-Light Hickory
  • Weight & Pitch Matched


  • American Hickory


  • Hybrid


  • 41.3cm
  • 16.25″


  • 15.1mm
  • 0.595″

Taper Length:

  • Long


  • Medium-Light