Midas DN4816-O StageConnect Interface with 16 XLR Outputs

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Midas DN4816-O StageConnect Interface with 16 XLR Outputs 0 0
The DN4816-O is the perfect solution for connecting additional line outputs to your monitor or FOH console. It provides 16 analog outputs (e.g., to connect wireless transmitters for in-ear monitoring). Additionally, it provides an Ultranet input, that can be used to forward Signals from an AIR mixer via StageConnect.

The StageConnect interface can be connected to other StageConnect devices using a single XLR cable for multi-channel audio transmission. There are various I/O options available providing easily scalable connectivity in your side rack. The devices of the DN48XX Series can be daisy-chained and will negotiate the channels for their respective connectivity automatically.

Breakout box with 16 balanced XLR line out for StageConnect and Behringer Ultranet systems

Analog output box for other StageConnect devices, Midas HUB4 and Behringer WING or Ultranet transmitters such as Midas MR18/M32 and DL16/DL32 stageboxes

StageConnect 32-channel audio transmission at sub-millisecond latency, 24-Bit uncompressed PCM, 44.1/48 kHz using standard XLR microphone or DMX cable

Two units can be cascaded for a total of 32 low-latency analogue outputs fed from a single StageConnect source

Flexible connectivity on stage and between side racks using any balanced microphone cable

Supports bi-directional audio configurations, with control data and 12 VDC/18 W remote power

Master mode allows exchanging multichannel audio with a chain of other StageConnect devices

Operates in Master mode, or as Slave synchronised to StageConnect or Ultranet input streams

Ultranet output for feeding Turbosound iQ speaker systems and Behringer P16 personal monitoring directly from StageConnect bus

External power supply for standalone use and offering remote power on the StageConnect Master output