MIDAS DP48 Dual 48 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer with SD Card Recorder

Persediaan Habis
IDR 10,380,000.00
MIDAS DP48 Dual 48 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer with SD Card Recorder 0 0
The Midas DP48 is a dual 48 channel personal monitor mixer that allows 2 performers to fully control their monitor mixes and hear exactly what they want and even record and playback rehearsals and performances. With a simple and intuitive interface and the ability to connect to any AES50-equipped device, the DP48 can create a complete monitoring system perfect for use in the studio or on stage.

Product Features
  • Dual 48 channel personal monitor mixer compatible with Midas personal monitoring system hubs

  • 12 stereo groups enable rapid creation and balancing of personal mixes from fully configurable stem groups

  • Dual mix feature allows independent control of two complete monitor mixes

  • Integrated SD card interface for stereo recording and playback of rehearsal sessions and performances

  • Built-in stereo ambience microphone provides on-stage sound feed to remove sense of isolation with in-ear monitors

  • Studio-quality reverb adds spatial ambience to personal in-ear mixes, independent from main console

  • Remotely powered via direct AES50 connection from Midas hubs featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE)

  • Separate DC power supply allows daisy-chaining of DP48 personal monitor mixers and use without any PoE hub

  • Compatible with any 44.1/48 kHz AES50-equipped devices including Midas and Behringer digital consoles and I/O boxes

  • AES50 return channels allow personal mixes to be sent back to the console or hub for connection to wireless IEM transmitters

  • Remote operation up to 100 m via screened CAT5/5e cable

  • Remote setup and control of DP48 personal monitor mixer via Midas hubs

  • Full remote control of another DP48 when both connected to the same hub or used in daisy chain configuration

  • High-contrast 2.4" colour TFT display screen provides clear overview of mix parameters, meters and group assignments

  • Analogue stereo auxiliary input for local click track

  • High power headphone output for use in all stage monitoring environments

  • Fully adjustable limiter allows for safe monitoring levels within sound exposure limits

  • Mounts securely on microphone stand with DP48MB adaptor (not included)