Ortega HUMIGT-BK Guitar Sound Hole Humidifier

IDR 80,000.00
Ortega HUMIGT-BK Guitar Sound Hole Humidifier 1 1
Ortega Humigt-BK (Aksesoris Gitar, Sound Hole Humidifier, Black)

Humidifying wooden acoustic instruments is the most underrated topic, but the lack of humidification is the number one cause of repairs. The Ortega Guitars humidifiers are the easiest and simpliest way to maintain your instruments.

• Ortega humidifiers suspend between the strings and never touch any part of the instruments body
• Easy to refill sponge style system
• Non-drip design - releases moisture evenly and slowly to maintain the proper humidity level
• Includes syringe for water

Size: Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic Basses, Nylon String Guitars
Includes: Syringe for water
Color: Black