Behringer BC1500 Premium 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set

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IDR 2,860,000.00
Behringer BC1500 Premium 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set 0 0
A package of 7 high-quality drum microphones provides accurate reproduction of the entire drum set for both live and studio applications. Various high-grade microphones are tuned to capture kick drum, tom/snare and cymbals efficiently. Compact and versatile microphones are suitable for precision and close mic recordings.

High-performance set of 7 microphones tuned and matched to capture every nuance of a full drum kit

Complete collection of premium drum microphones, ideal for studio recordings and live performances

1 premium large diaphragm dynamic microphone specially designed for bass drum and low frequency instruments

4 dynamic percussion microphones for snare, toms and other acoustic percussive instruments

2 matched condenser microphones for overhead stereo drum imaging with switchable low-frequency roll-off

Cardioid polar pattern for outstanding sound source separation

Rugged, reliable metal die-cast body construction

Compact and versatile microphones make it suitable for precision and close mic recordings

Gold-plated 3-pin XLR output connector for highest signal integrity

Microphone clamps, 5/8” threaded adapters, windscreen and aluminum carry case included