BUGERA 6550B Premium and Hand-Selected Power Tetrode

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IDR 630,000.00
BUGERA 6550B Premium and Hand-Selected Power Tetrode 0 0
BUGERA premium-grade 6550B power tubes are hand-selected to bring out the best in your amplifier. Their consistently robust power, rugged durability and high-voltage performance make them ideal for all guitar, bass and other audio tube amplifier applications.

Glorious Tone and Dependability

Our 6550B high-end power amp tubes produce beautifully deep bass, articulate mids and tapered highs, making them ideal for styles such as blues, jazz, fusion and R&B, or any style of music where a solid dose of rich and warm tone is desired. And when compared to the competition, the BUGERA 6550B stands above the rest as the ultimate power tube for all critical output stages. It is simply one of the best 6550B tubes ever produced.