BUGERA 6L6GC Premium and Hand-Selected Power Pentode

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IDR 310,000.00
BUGERA 6L6GC Premium and Hand-Selected Power Pentode 0 0
BUGERA premium-grade 6L6GC tubes are hand-selected to bring out the best in your amplifier. Their consistently robust power, rugged durability and high-voltage performance make them ideal for all guitar, bass and other audio tube amplifier applications.

Product Features
  • The Bugera 6L6GC is a premium-grade power tube that was designed with a focus on power, durability, consistency and capability of handling high voltage requirements

  • It produces super-thick and rich tone, remarkable bass definition with articulate highs and the desired "Deluxe" character to bring your guitar to the front of the mix

  • Premier engineering provides superior reliability and consistency that makes the Bugera 6L6GC one of the best you can buy