Work Pro WR 4200/1

IDR 7,672,000.00
Work Pro WR 4200/1 1 1

WR 4200 /1 is a professional Diversity 4-channel wireless system in UHF band.  Its PLL system allows a great signal stability, making it very adequate for live appliances, touring or even conference rooms.

The receiver offers up to 4x200 different channels (according to the bandwidth). The synchronism is easy, it is only necessary to press the scan button in the receiver and both elements (receiver and microphones), will pair through IR. 

The LCD on the receiver displays all the information needed: frequency, AF, RF and output gain level. With the buttons on the front side, it is possible to manually adjust the frequency, the tone squelch and to scan free frequencies.

The receiver features balanced output on each channel and unbalanced mix for all of them.

WR 4200 /1 consists of: Receiver (WR 4200) + 4 handheld microphones (WM 220).